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Jörg Vogeltanz



Bernhard Reicher



In recent decades, the part of humanity living mainly in the West, the so-called "industrialized countries", has gradually got used to thinking about the future only in dystopian and pessimistic categories. Complex questions about current problems and completely new circumstances are generally answered with fundamentalist technocratic materialism.

UTOPAEON offers a forum for all people who know, believe or hope that we are all more than a mindless accumulation of masses and scientific laws.


UTOPAEON is interdisciplinary, open and inclusive.


Our goal is to gather the most diverse people from the most diverse sectors of society for lectures, actions, art and cultural events, rituals, discussions and much more at the most diverse places in the world and try to form a "critical mass" in whose womb utopian, optimistic and hopeful ideas and designs for the future can mature.


Since 2022, we are funded by membership fees, ticket sales and donations only.

We are politically and ideologically independent and wish to remain so.


So our survival depends entirely on your support and participation.

Help us to create a radiant hope for you and those you love!

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